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Thursday 31st May 2012 – The Horizon Report

on May 31, 2012


In today’s tutorial, it was an interesting lesson to have really. It was mostly focused on collecting a class result through the use of a remote called a “Response Card”. The results were displayed in bar graphs with the use of statistics which allowed us to visually recognise the importance. I believed that it was a wonderful classroom activity to use with any stage. It has proved that by doing this, it will not only encourage the students to take part but to see how essential technology is, and not just for games. This activity can also be integrated in to various KLA’s such as Mathematics when interpreting data and  statistics, ICT skills when reading, recording and presenting accurate and relevant data.

I found it incredibly interesting that I have decided to add a website in order the support the learning and the description in terms of the background information of the device.

Another aspect that got me interested was the literature circles reading “The Horizon Report”, that listed the statisitcs and the way technology affected us in of everyday lives. It proved that mobile phones especially smart phones are growing rapidly in usage and that it will double the usage in a year’s time. With the use of graphs and in accordance to research, it really made me aware of the fact how technology impacts us to such a great extent. The proof of technology enables us to realise that we are thoroughly immeresed in the great world of techology and until the year 2020 how we will be changing rapidly all due to the introduction of technology.

Class Notes

Week 9: The Horizon Report 2011 Edition

  • The Horizon Project looks at technology especially at the way mobile phones are used.
  • Time to Adopt: in a year or less, the usage of mobile phones will double tremendously.
  • According to the statistics used by researchers when displaying this data, is an eye opener for us people as we are immersed in technology through every aspect of our lives.
  • Mobile phones are the major source of technology that is used today along side with the used of ipads.
  • Due to these smart phones and gadgets, we are increasing the usage of technology making everything accessible and beneficial in accordance to our daily lives.


The Horizon Report 2011 Edition. Retrieved from


7 responses to “Thursday 31st May 2012 – The Horizon Report

  1. pe3amcg says:

    I agree that the “Response Cards” are excellent and would be fantastic within a classroom. Within our tutorial, our teacher was able to see how many students still had to answer to posed question. This is a great way to ensure that students are paying attention during class and are participating. Through participating, students will gain more from the lesson than if they do not engage in class activities and discussions.

  2. pe3amcg says:

    I do have a question about your blog post. When you say it would be a useful classroom activity, do you mean as the activity in which the students will use for the whole lesson, or just as an introductory activity? Thank you:)

    • Hello, what i meant was using this within a classroom for example when gaining a class opinion in terms of a paricular decision. Yes my main view was directed towards the fact of using the Response Cards as a whole class. But now i’m thinking that also using the Response Cards as an introductory lesson wouldn’t be a bad idea especially at the beginning of the year where students get to know each other. This can be used to gather common interests making it easier for the children to relate with each other and provides individual backgrounds for the teacher.

  3. […] in believing that the ‘Response Card’ would be useful in engaging students and a “wonderful classroom activity“. When she states a ‘classroom activity’, I don’t know whether she means as […]

  4. Noreen Safdar says:

    I agree Devashna. I also found the Horizon Report: 2011 quite interesting. I also agree with the fact that technology has become such an important part of our daily lives and to be able to use these technologies that children are already aware of (in order to teach them) is quite a remarkable thought.
    Children will be entering our lives with more knowledge of technology than us, but we must remember that the 21st century is the era of “learner-centred learning” where the collaboration of teachers and students will be greater than ever.

    • Yes Norren, I definately felt the same in terms of how technology really changes the shape of our society. It gives us an insight of what the future is holding in relation to technology. Also the fact that the teacher andstudent learning will be greater than ever. I highly agree.

  5. […] that really immersed me within my curiousities and interests was “The Horizon Report (2011).  The research provided various statistics in terms of how fast technology is changing the […]

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